Whats New

ZERO Regional Environment Organization, has been implementing and coordinating CSOs and media SE4ALL awareness, advocacy and capacity building project since 2012. In 2016 ZERO will be focusing on women, children, health and energy. ZERO is also a partner in Power for all Campaign (www.powerforall.org) in Zimbabwe which focusses on promotion of Decentralized Renewable energy technologies. ZERO Regional Environment Organisation (ZERO) is a premier research, planning and implementation agency operating in Zimbabwe since 1987, whose core operating values are to be efficient, effective and ethical in its research and development work. ZERO believes in and works for a global paradigm shift, changing minds and promoting prosperity for all.

ZERO Regional Environment Organization, has been implementing a CSO SE4ALL programme since 2012 with financial and technical support from Hivos, and technical support from Practical Action Southern Africa. The project works with civil society organizations to promote SE4ALL issues in Zimbabwe. Collaborators of the programme include government departments, parastatals, non-governmental organizations, private sector, media, donors and development partners. Since 2012, ZERO Regional Environment Organization implemented awareness raising activities including media tours and trainings, advocacy, national civil society engagement, and documentation and communication activities. 

In this programme, more than 60 CSOs and 30 media personnel have been engaged in SE4ALL programs. CSOs are drawn from gender-based organizations; children and youth-based organizations; organizations working with disabled people; farmer organizations; development partners; civil society organizations; academia, media, and energy experts. One of the key principles of SE4ALL is facilitation of participatory processes for building partners’ and stakeholders’ capacity, and strengthening the organizational capacity of CSOs to better understand the SE4ALL campaign because energy is an integral crosscutting theme in development.

Most fundamental methods within the CSO Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) by 2030  programme is enhancing communication and dissemination activities through publications, meetings, and workshops (training).

The programme has so far produced the following, among others:

  • 2,000 factsheets focusing on energy, women, and children
  • 1,000 brochures on energy, women and children
  • SE4ALL Toolkit: for children and schools- The kit simplifies energy issues as well as amplifying women and children issues as they relate to health and education. The product is interactive, with multimedia content and quiz.
  • Comic Book: For schools – raises SE4ALL awareness among school children
  • SE4ALL Stickers: 2,500 stickers printed with awareness messages in English; and the two major local languages – Shona and IsiNdebele.
  • Facebook: To exploit the social media boom,  ZERO created a Facebook account

With all these achievements ZERO is is currently participating in green and inclusive energy. ZERO will do the following activities:

  1. ZERO will strengthen networks with other energy NGOs, non-energy CSOs (“nexus” organisations (health, water, education, farmers, housing,)  and with non-traditional partners like the private sector, media and gender based organisation and research institutions in order to strengthen civil society cooperation and functioning and thus have a stronger counter voice towards the government. By doing so, it demonstrates that energy is not only a technical issue, but vital a prerequisite for development more broadly. This will increase the expertise of CSOs to: analyse government policies and budgets, undertake field analysis, understand political and commercial dynamics in the energy sector internationally, forge the link between national and international policies and approach the media, etc.
  2. Communication and media outreach. ZERO will facilitate exchange visits and women’s organisation round table meetings to discuss how energy has or can enhance their work.
  3. ZERO will capacitate women to lobby and advocate for gender inclusiveness in government energy policy.
  4. ZERO will produce documentaries showing the potential of green energy facilities.
  1. ZERO will capacitate women media practitioners to establish gender and energy news desks at their respective media house. This will also in cooperate community radio stations as well as provincial papers.
  2. Women journalist will be invited to media tours and workshops to increase their understanding of the energy issue; a strategy that has already shown very good results.


Outcome goals

  • CSOs have increased their ability to analyse and advocate for the improvement of women’s and marginalised group’s positions regarding energy services, finances and policies. This will enable them to participate in energy debates and policy dialogues and even to write energy related proposals.
  • CSOs have increased their ability to use the ongoing energy transition process to support the agenda for active citizenship on issues like policy reform, transparency and open data, engaging women, youth and new entrepreneurs and investigative journalism
  • CSOs have increased their ability to provide their constituencies with relevant information and articulate their energy needs to effectively demand reliable, green and affordable energy and enabling policies and financing
  • To identify one women focal point and one non-energy CSO that has increased the ability to implement effective lobbying and advocacy strategies for green and inclusive energy systems based on women and men’s energy needs and act successfully as critical and knowledgeable voices in debates on energy policies and practice;